Intellicloud is an experimental cloud infrastructure for designing cloud-based Internet applications.
It is an open testbed environment for researchers and developers that aim to design and deploy cloud based Future Internet applications.
  • The infrastructure is based on open standards and offers infrastructural and platform services that include pre-configured Generic Enablers (GEs) in the concept of the FI-WARE programme.
  • It is an operated and maintained cloud environment and it is utilized from researchers for experimental purposes including deployment of Generic Enabler for exploration, configuration and testing for the Future Internet Social and Technological Alignment Research (FI-STAR, programme.
  • The datacenter is located at the Technical University of Crete (TUC) in Chania, Greece.
  • Intellicloud is an operative OpenStack (Grizzly) datacentre with a capacity of: 128 Cores, 284 GB RAM, 12 TB HDD (24 TB Mirroring).
  • Intellicloud will host all the FI-STAR Specific Enablers (SEs) for fostering developments of new FI application in the area of healthcare and cloud services.
Please contact us to request access and information on intellilcoud